The institute takes serious measures to curb the menace of ragging and with point in mind, anti ragging committee consisting of senior faculty and headed by the Principal has been formed. The committee has allotted duties to different staff members of the college to avoid ragging activities in different locations of the college campus. Additionally, Grievances committee has also been made part of these anti ragging activities. The institute also conducts various awareness programmes about anti – ragging measure for the faculty, senior students and other non college personnel.

S. No. Faculty Name & Designation Contact Number
1 Dr.P.Parthasarathi, Principal & Chairman 9246152104
2 Dr.K.Mahendranadh Reddy, Director of PG studies and Vice Chairman 9849098811
3 Dr.(Brig.) Ramen Sinha, Vice Principal and Member 7799686565
4 Dr.A. Jayakumar, Professor, Member 9848032097
5 Dr.V.Deepti, Professor, Member 9849004546
6 Dr.Nagalaxmi, Professor, Member 9849862609
7 Dr.Mir Wajahath Ali, Member 9848036401
8 Dr.Savitha Menon Registrar & Warden (Girls Hostel) 9652455600
9 Dr.U.Uday Kiran, Warden (Boys Hostel) 9652455644